Mr. Kyaw Thein Zan


K.T.Z Company Limited

Dear Valued Visitors,

Welcome to KTZ Company where our journey began as a small enterprise driven by a vision of excellence in pharmaceutical distribution.

When I first founded this company back in 1994, Myanmar was in the early stages of development, and access to quality medicine and healthcare products was a challenge for many. Our mission from day one has been to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our people by ensuring they have access to high-quality healthcare solutions.

I started this company in a very small apartment with a handful of passionate people and a single clear vision, a vision to transform pharmaceutical distribution, ensuring that vital medications and quality healthcare products reach those who need them efficiently, reliably, and affordably. Starting as a small enterprise, we faced our fair share of challenges, but our passion for bringing about positive change fueled our growth and expansion.

Over the years, we’ve grown, expanded our reach and lines of products, and achieved great milestones. However, our dedication to the quality of the products we distribute has remained unwavering.

Our success is not measured solely in terms of growth or profits. It is measured by the positive impact we have had on the health and well-being of our people. This success is attributed to our dedicated people, the trust of our valued partners, and the continued support of our loyal customers. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you.

As we look toward the future, our mission remains steadfast. We are committed to further enhancing health care access by continuously improving our infrastructure, and processes, and adhering to ISO&GSDP standards. Quality, safety, and ethical conduct will always be our guiding principles.

Thank you for your belief in KTZ Company and we look forward to a future of growth, excellence, and positive impact together.

Kyaw Thein Zan