Mr. Kyaw Kyaw Myint

Managing Director

K.T.Z Company Limited

Dear Our Visitors,

First of all, I would like to give thanks to all my valuable business partners, customers and our
employees for reaching this journey of over 25 years and having this much of success. Our company
was established in 1994 to give better health care products to our customers from a highly
qualified manufacturers with affordable prices. I am very glad that you and your company give interest
and reach us for the future business partnership.

We are giving better solutions to our partners and a better, healthier, and enjoyable life to our customers
through quality products and quality services through the expedient and loyal employees moving
forwards to the steps higher and higher in accordance with our given slogan, “ Providing Better Life
for the People”,. Moreover, we are helping the society by saving our environment and donating to
communities who need food, medicine, and fund in order to fulfill their survival needs, educational
needs and social needs.

Our commitment is to grow sustainably altogether with our business partners in a long run and I
hope that we could be long term business partners for fruitful business in very near future and may
all the best conditions and success be yours!

Kyaw Kyaw Myint