Partner with us

What we are looking for

We are looking forward to the partners who would like to expend their pharmaceutical or consumer market in Myanmar. We provide our partners one stop solution to distribute their products in Myanmar market starting from the product FDA licensing up to delivering their goods to wholesalers, retailers, and end-users. Our priority is the quality of the product we choose and the quality of the skills and services we provide. As we are looking forwards to the long-term relationship and win-win situation with our partners, if you are the company who wants a long term partnership with high reputation, we are here.

Our Interests for

Future Partnership

We are seeking many kinds of products in all therapeutics under the main categories described below:
1. Prescription Only Medicine
2. Over the Counter Drugs
3. Supplements
4. Medical Device
5. Consumer Products
If your products are from above mentioned area, please contact us through [email protected]. Thank you for communicating us and we will reach you after reviewing the products thoroughly.