Therapeutic Class

Iron Supplement Solution for Anaemia, Physical asthenia.


-  Recommended for the treatment of iron deficiency anaemia related to pregnant women, post-partum period or lactation and parasitic infestation - Asthenia related to convalescence or overwork.

Chemical Composition

Each ampoule (10ml) contains:
Ferrous Gluconate 431.6 mg (equivalent in Iron to 50 mg)

Manganese Gluconate 10.77 mg (Equivalent in Manganese to 1.33mg)

Copper Gluconate 5 mg (Equivalent in copper to 0.7 mg)


1 x 20's ampoules

Dosage & Administration

For oral route only. It can be diluted with sweetened or normal water, or in any other soft drink (non-alcoholic) • Curative treatment Adult: 2 to 4 ampoules per day Children (Over 1 month and above): 5 to 10mg of metal iron per kg per day • Preventive treatment Pregnant women : 1 ampoule per day during the last two quarters of pregnancy (or from the 4th month) • Duration of treatment :It should be sufficient to correct anaemia and to restore last reserves which, in the adult are 600mg for the woman and 1,200mg for the man. Anaemia due to iron deficiency: 3 to 6 months depending on the depletion of reserves, but may be prolonged further if the cause of anaemia is not controlled. The control of efficacy is only useful after at least 3 months of treatment :it should consist of determining the correction of anaemia (Hb, MCV) and the restoration of iron stores (seric iron and transferrin saturation)


Not recommended for the treatment of anaemia due to malnutrition and pernicious anaemia

Warning & Precautions

-  Careful administration is required for the patients with gastrointestina ucler, chronic colitis & various gasrointestinal diseases - Careful administration is required for the patients sensitive or allergic to caramel pigment used - As with all-iron based therapy, black coloration of the stools is normal and usual

Side Effects

-Gastrointestinal: Sometimes rarely vomiting, stomachache, diarrhea, abdominal flatus, gastric dysphoria - Hypersensitivity: Rare case of hypersensitivity including rash. In this case, stop administering * Inform your physician or your pharmacist systematically about all current treatments

Drug Interaction

The following drugs have the probabilities of interaction with iron so it is advisable to avoid the administration of ''Hb-Max 50 ''at the same time: antacids, antibiotics (tetracyclines) and Tannins - For the better bio-availability of the product, it is advisable to take this medicine far from meals * IN ALL CASES, FOLLOW STRICTLY THE PHYSICIAN'S PRESCRIPTION * DO NOT USE FOR INJECTION * KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN