N-MYCIN Sterile Ophthalmic Susp

Therapeutic Class



N-Mycin sterile ophthalmic suspension is indicated for the treatment of fungal blepharitis, conjunctivitis and keratitis caused by susceptible organisms including Fusarium solani.

Chemical Composition

Each ml contains Natamycin USP 50 mg.


Each plastic dropper bottle contains 5 ml ophthalmic suspension.

Dosage & Administration

For fungal keratitis: The preferred initial dosage is 1 drop instilled in the conjunctival sac (s) at 1-2 hours intervals. The frequency of application can usually be reduced to 1 drop 6-8 times daily after the first 3-4 days. Therapy should generally be continued for 14 to 21 days or until there is a resolution of active fungal keratitis. In many cases, it may be helpful to reduce the dosage gradually at 4 to 7 days intervals to assure the replicating fungus has been eliminated. For fungal blepharitis & conjunctivitis: A less frequent initial dosage, 1 drop 4-6 times daily may be sufficient.


Natamycin sterile ophthalmic suspension is contraindicated in individuals with a known hypersensitivity to any of its components.

Side Effects

Local irritation, conjunctival chemosis, hyperemia, etc.