Vaginal candidiasis, Non-specific vaginitis, Vulvovaginitis and local treatment of infectious vaginitis.

Chemical Composition

Neomycin Sulfate ( 50.2mg) , Nystatin ( 100,000 I.U ) , Polymyxin B Surfate ( 35,000 I.U)


2 Blisters x 6 Soft Capsules

Dosage & Administration

For adult women, introduce 1 capsule deeply into vagina daily after washing and before going to bed for 6 consecutive days .In case of severe or chronic infection , adminstrator 1- 2 Capsules daily for 6-12 days in the morning and evening.

Warning & Precautions

(1) Keep the described dosage and administration. (2) The treatment for short period are recommended as it can cause the systemic toxicity in ear and kidney. (3) Administration to patient with renal failure or secondary systemic toxicity symptom is not recommended. However, use if the benefit of treatment effect exceeds the risk. (4) Be cautious in using this drug when the hypersensitive symptoms to antibiotics or its similar drugs appear. (5) To avoid the appearance of resistant bacteria, check the sensitivity and administration during the least period required for the treatment is recommended. Administrative Precaution (1) Should be used for the Vagina and do not administer for oral. (2)   Do not stop the treatment during menstruation period. (3)  The product should not be used during pregnancy and lactation. Before taking any medication. consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Side Effects

( 1) Eczematous allergic contact dermatitis for long term treatment. (2) Intolerable allergic symptoms through a topical route.

Drug Interaction

Be cautious as this drug can weaken the rubber products or Latex such as condom and diaphragm.